The Department of Physics established the master program in 1997 and the doctoral program in 2003. Currently, the department has roughly 400 students from undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs. The Department of Physics focuses on physics education, fundamental physics theories, applied technologies, cross-disciplinary integration and the capability of doing project research as well as fundamental knowledge for conducting experiments. With the support of the university and its faculty and staff, the department has excelled in teaching and research. It published over 200 SCI papers and received over 100 research grants in the past five years.

The department is vigorous to the establishment of integration-based research group and the collaboration with other universities on the production, discussion of the physical properties and the development of measurement technologies of magnetic semiconductors, high-temperature superconductors and solid state materials. The physical properties of synchrotron radiation spectroscopy and low-dimensional systems under low temperature and high field are also a part of the collaboration. The two pillars of the development of department are researches on applied physics and R&D of technologies for industries.

On the basis of integration-based research, the research of the department focuses on the production and property analysis of optoelectronic materials and other functional materials. Based on the specialties of faculty members, the researches focus on optoelectronic semiconductors, fiber optics, thermoelectric materials, ceramic, superconductors, and other advance materials. The department establishes long-term partnerships with leading research institutes to expand the channel of cooperation with the industries.