Department of Mathematics at National Changhua University of Education evolved from Division of Mathematics teacher training, Department of Science Education at Taiwan Provincial College of Education, which was founded in 1971 to nurture future educators and to provide continued education for devoted teachers graduated from junior colleges.

Our goal is first to provide students with a strong foundation in mathematics and then to give students the flexibility to explore various aspects of the discipline so as to prepare students for jobs in industry and government as well as to prepare students for further study or research in mathematics. Besides, it is and always will be our mission to nurture future educators in mathematics.

In addition to undergraduate program, we offer also master degree program and doctor of philosophy program in Graduate Institute of Mathematics, and master degree program in Graduate Institute of Statistic and Information Science. Three tracks mathematics, statistics and information science - are available in our undergraduate program. Mathematics majors are required to choose one track to fulfill the degree requirement. We also offer program in mathematics education for those who plan to be teacher.

Our department consists of 25 faculty members whose research interests include non-linear analysis, algebra, number theory, probability, biostatistics, bioinformatics, information security, financial mathematics, mathematics education and etc. The faculty members in our department are active in research and excel in teaching. A few research projects are funded by National Science Council. Seminars and colloquiums are held regularly. We had organized many regional and international conferences in the past and we will continue to do so at every opportunity. Talks are also given for general audience and for high school student.