Lance Horng

Dean of College of Science,

Professor, Department of Physics.


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Ph.D., Electro-Optics, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.               1989/9 to 1993/6    

M.S., Elctro-physics, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.                 1988/9 to 1989/9    

B.S., Physics, National Changhua Taiwan College of Education, Taiwan        1981/9 to 1985/6    



Dean of College of Science, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan        2012/8 to present

Professor, Dep. Physics, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan    2003/8 to present

Director of Center for Nano Science & Technology at NCUE, Taiwan                2004/2 to 2013/7

Associate Professor, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan            1994/8 to 2003/7

Research Scientist, Materials Research Laboratories, Taiwan.                    1992/9 to 1994/7


Professional Affiliations

Member of Chinese Physical Society                                                                                                                      

Member of IEEE

Member of Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology


Research Areas

Superconductivity, Spintronics, and Magnetic materials


Professional Activities

Prof. Lance Horng leads a superconducting and magnetic research group at National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan. One of my research areas is about the superconducting thin films to explore the basic properties. Molecular dynamic simulations were made to understand the mechanics about the ground state of the vortex dynamics in superconductors. Using the technology of electron beam lithography, we fabricated the periodic pinning center array, and investigated the dependence of pinning force on the type, size, spacing and shape of artificial pinning centers.  Through various sample designs, we can explore the matching effect and the steady state of flux quanta. When the periodic symmetry of pinning centers was broken, the the ratchet effect can be found.

The other major research area is about magnetic thin films to explore the fundamental physics properties. We fabricated multiplayer film to understand the properties of spin values, exchange bias, size effect, and tunneling effect. By fabricating the magnetic tunnel junction devices due to the shape effect, we can simulate the moment direction using LLG equation. For periodic magnetic dots fabricated by electron beam lithography method, we can explore the characteristic of vortex dynamics on different sizes and shapes with nanostructures. The influence of the degree of asymmetry of a Permalloy disks on the switching behavior and vortex configuration was studied. The micromagnetic framework software was used to simulate the magnetic configurations and reversal processes in a single asymmetric Permalloy element. This result demonstrates that an asymmetric element could determine not only the vortex chirality, but also the vortex nucleation and annihilation fields.