Department of Chemistry was founded in 1981. Our institution was then called National Taiwan College of Education, that was eventually transformed into National Changhua University of Education in 1989. In recent years, we are transforming into a regular chemistry department to train professional chemical personals. We offer bachelor and master degree programs in chemistry. Our faculty members are actively conducting competitive research in chemistry and related fields. On the other hand, our long tradition of training middle school teachers is still ongoing.

The Department of Chemistry commits itself to cultivating chemistry elites, becoming a top research institute, doing innovative research, doing research on applied chemistry and contributing its scientific R&D capabilities to the country.

The department covers a wide range of research on organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, and chemistry education. The department purchases research equipment to provide abundant resources for the research of our faculty. Most of the faculty members of the department received research grants from the government. The ratio of the number of research grants to faculty members is among the top ten in the university. The department has outstanding research results, which are often published in international journals. The number of publication is the second in the university, and the number of citations tops the university, accounting for one-thirds of its top 100 most cited papers. Some of the research results of our faculty members are published in Essential Science Indicators, with some are most cited in leading international journals of chemistry. According to WOS, the average cited times of published papers of the department topped the country consecutively in 2007, 2008, and 209, indicating that the papers of the department are of good quality.