The Department of Biology aims at training biology teachers for secondary schools and nurturing professionals and researchers. The objectives of the department are to cultivate excellent biology teaches for secondary schools and to cultivate talents for bioscience and biology education research.

Our faculty members are experts of bioscience or biology education. Most of our research projects come from the National Science Council, the Ministry of Education, the Council of Agriculture, etc. The department cooperates with the industry to facilitate licensing and technology transfer.

●  Participation in domestic academic activities: faculty members present diverse papers at symposiums in their fields.

●  Participation in international academic activities: faculty members present their papers at international symposiums on integrative and Comparative Biology, Algology, Red imported Fire Ant (RIFA), Biology Education, etc.

  Invitation to give academic lectures: faculty members are often invited to give lectures on various topics in different places.

  The research and professional performanc­e by the faculty members provide industry, government, and academia with social services including biotech talent training, environmental protection, science education, science fair, fire ant prevention, etc.

Participation in integrated projects: the projects cover different areas such as zoonomy, paleo- environmental changes, basic science teaching, distance learning for teachings’ professional growth, popular science, etc.